Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Saturday, October 1st!

What: MICA Mp3 Experiment 2011
When: Saturday, October 1st, 1:00pm(please make sure you are there at least 5 minutes before, for the experiment will begen exactly at 1:00pm.
Where: Commons Lawn(On top of the hill, not by the basketball hoop)
Who: MICA Students, guests are more than welcome if they sign in!

Hi! My name is Stewart the Voice and I will be your host for the MICA MP3 Experiment 2011. Mid day Friday(9/30) an original MP3 will be posted online(RIGHT HERE!) available for download. Download this MP3 and put in on your ipod/mp3 player/or other audio capable device. Please do not listen to the MP3 itself before the experiment, for it will ruin the experience. Please meet on the Commons Lawn(on top of the hill, not by the basketball area) before 1pm for the experiment will begin promptly at 1 pm. When you arrive ontop of the hill, please make sure that RA Allie is in sight. She will be wearing a red hat and tye dye headphones as shown below....
Allie will count backwards from five, and the experiment will begin when she yells one.(This means that everyone should press play on the number one)

The MP3 will be a set of instructions that everyone will be listening to simultaniously, so just listen closely and follow the directions. Where the MP3 will take you is a complete surprise!

If you are curious about how experiments like this work, I have embeded a video below...